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Upcoming Haunted Spaceship Shows!

so, it looks like we'll be playing at least two shows this summer. maybe more? we'll see! i'm really excited about this, i hope a few other people are as well.

July 19th @ The Punkin House [5036 7th Ave NE - Seattle, WA]
-Encrypt Manuscript
-Haunted Spaceship
More TBA

August 11th @ The Punkin House [5036 7th Ave NE - Seattle, WA]
-Death To Tyrants
-Haunted Spaceship
More TBA

i heard Life At These Speeds might play the 8.11.04 show, but we'll see. if so, that'll be amazing. great band.

we're also putting out a CD-R single called "Your Planet Is Inferior". the packaging is done, we're just waiting on the CD-Rs. also, we need to write a song for the split 2x3.5" floppy disk split with the carpets. that'll come out sometime. hope everyone is doing well and we'll see you all at these shows.

<3 the Jons
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