a silohuette of my former self (clickxclick) wrote in haunted_jons,
a silohuette of my former self

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so i guess you can take this community off your friends list...

it's not like we ever wrote in it anyway. i was just going to delete it but i figure out where to do that. so yeah. haunted spaceship is pretty much dead, i have no idea where i'm going to be living or going to school or anything. so yeah, plus our "last show" with ampere was canceled for, i still have no idea why...

anyway, thanks for having some sort of interest on here, it's not like i'm really addressing "our fans" because there's like 5 people on here, our good friends, which includes our significant others, well at least one of ours. hell, i haven't even talked to Jon R in months.

so yeah, see you around maybe. if you want a 2 song cd let me know. we have a bunch of unfinished songs we were going to release, but unless a bunch of people actually want to hear them i'm not going to finish them.

-Jon M-

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